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Humber Rescue are an independent charity that supplies fast response search and rescue operations on the Humber Estuary. We cover approximately 540 square miles of water including the River Hull, Trent, Ouse and the River Humber. 

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We cover
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32 years

Established 1990


Established in 1990, the service begun operating the Humbers first lifeboat from the back garden of its founder, Paul Berriff. Routinely travelling down the street to deploy the rescue boat. Initially starting off with nothing except a landrover and a small 12ft rubber dingy. In 1995 the 'Boathouse' opened which would become the center of operations for the foreseeable future. 

To this day, Humber Rescue is a vital emergency response to anyone that lives in proximity to the Humber and its surrounding waterways, massing up to an average of 110 callouts each year. It's one of the busiest independent lifeboats in the United Kingdom.

The years passed and the charity grew in numbers, volunteers from a range of backgrounds were stepping up. Equally, the callouts increased. Attending requests that range from the Coastguard to deploy to vessels on fire, and even rescue the crew of a Royal Air Force Tornado that had ditched in the Humber. 

The charity remains operational thanks to donations from the general public and support from companies. One of our supporters, Hamers Solicitors, had this to say:

"Hamers Solicitors started its support of Humber Rescue in 2021, as our chosen charity. It has been our privilege and our pleasure getting to know the volunteers. We have also enjoyed baking and eating cake to raise valuable funds. We have utilised our professional skills to run a Wills Month so that we could increase our donations, whilst also raising awareness of this vital and incredible charity to those that give their time to save lives on the Humber.

It has become a collaboration which has included supporting the volunteers with their Hull to Ukraine endeavours and also having the rather hair-raising experience of a trip on the lifeboat. In short, we could not be prouder to support this chairty and its amazing team and look forward to helping them in their work for years to come."

Is the company you work for interested in getting involved with us?

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