Our Fleet

Sunday mornings and Monday evenings are used for training and maintenance. Our volunteers carry out essential maintenance ensuring our equipment stays safe and fully operational.

rescue boat.png


Entering service in November 2020, the MST 900W-SAR Inshore Rescue Boat is the newest addition to Humber Rescue and replaced our retiring vessel, Hilary Beriff.

Its two 150 HP Mercury Engines permits a top speed of 42 knots; translating to approximately 48mph. Equipped with state of the art communication and navigational equipment, it has the capacity for 4 crew and a survivor capacity of 12.

In the event of  acapsize, it has manually operated righting capabilities and the vessel will typically launch with a Coxswain, Navigator and two other crew members.

Humber Rescue

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The former RNLI D-Class Inshore Lifeboat joined Humber Rescue in 2015 and is powered by the 50hp Mariner Engine, the size of the vessel is ideal for conditions on the Humber that allows it to go closer to the coastline to conduct searches closer to the shore, or to access areas with less water.

Often crewed with three crew members, a typical launch will consist of a Coxswain, Navigator and a third crew member. Despite its size, IRB-1 (Also known as Sue Roberts), has the equipment to tow other vessels, carry out casualty transfers and much more.

Humber IRB-1

land rover.png


The Land Rover Defender serves its purpose in more than one way, it has the ability to launch and recover our vessels in the water if required but also supports the charity with the delivery of supplies and works as a mobile support unit for incidents.

Whether delivering crew to the scene for a crew change, transporting any additional equipment or going to fundraising events.

The vehicle has a built in radio to allow communication to be made with ease and is fundamental to the day to day logistics of the organisation.

Land Rover Defender

olive hunt.png


Completing a retrofit in the early months of 2021, Olive Hunt has been in service with Humber Rescue since 2011 and originally served as the main rescue boat.

The vessel now acts as a training craft and reserve rescue boat which is capable of providing a life saving service if required.

Despite an old hull, the new upgrades which includes two 150hp Mercury Engines and new communication and navigational equipment, it gives a new lease of life to the Olive Hunt which was named after the Olive Hunt Charity Shop in Goole.

Olive Hunt



Rescue Junior joined the charity in 2007 and is the smallest of our rescue boats, it's an ideal support vessel to assist with charity events such as swims across the Humber and its operational history has seen it deployed to floods.

Junior also sees its fair share of action during training when it can be deployed to act as a casualty vessel or support inshore searches if neccessary.

Rescue Junior

New Tractor.png


No launch could take place without our newest asset, the launch and recovery tractor. Entering service in October 2021, its hydraulic lift and size allows us to quickly launch any of our rescue boats in any state of tide. 

Within our standard procedure, the Tractor remains hooked to our main Rescue Boat to allow a prompt launch but is able to be swapped with any other vessel within minutes.

Launch & Recovery Tractor