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Our lifeboats

Volunteers muster at the boathouse every Sunday morning and Monday evening to participate in training and carry our essential maintenance to ensure all our equipment stays safe and fully operational for the next call-out.


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Humber Rescue MST 900W-SAR

Entering service in November 2020, the MST 900W-SAR Inshore Rescue Boat is the newest addition to Humber Rescue and it has replaced our retiring vessel, Hiliary Berriff.


It's two 150 HP Mercury engines permits a top speed of 42 knots translating to approximately 48 MPH. Equipped with state of the art communication & navigational equipment, it has the capacity for 4 crew and a survivor capacity of 12.

Length: 9.0m

Speed: 42 knots

Endurance: 3 hours at full speed

Crew: 3-4

Year built: 2008 - refit 2020

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Olive Hunt Tornado 8.5

Originally serving as our main rescue boat, Olive Hunt now acts as a training craft and reserve rescue boat which is capable of providing a life saving service if required.


Despite an old hull, the new upgrades which includes two 150 HP Mercury engines, updated communication & navigational equipment gives a new lease of life to the vessel which was named after the Olive Hunt Charity Shop in Goole which raised vital funds for Humber Rescue.

Length: 8.5m

Speed: 45 knots

Endurance: 3 hours at full speed

Crew: 3-4

Year built: 1998 - refit 2021

olive hunt.png

Sue Roberts Ex RNLI D - Class

The former RNLI D-Class Inshore Lifeboat joined Humber Rescue in 2015 and is powered by the 50 HP Mariner engine. The size of the vessel is ideal for conditions on the Humber, allowing it to go closer to the shoreline to conduct searches or to access areas with less water.


Often crewed with three crew members, a typical launch will consist of a Coxswain, Navigator and a third crew member. Despite its size, IRB-1 (Also known as Sue Roberts), has the equipment to tow other vessels, carry out casualty transfers and other search and rescue taskings.

Length: 5m

Speed: 25 knots

Endurance: 3 hours at full speed

Crew: 2-4

Year built: 2010 - refit 2021

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